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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Josh Wolf

6 months to have the scoop on a story? What, you've got a picture where George Bush actually looks intelligent and the newspaper wants to save the shot for just the right occasion?

Why the 6 month exclusivity term? In regards to photos, I do see the need for an exclusivity term - as the medium requires significantly less bandwidth than video - but I think this time period really shouldn't be longer than 7 days and 72 hours would probably be sufficient.

I recently made a quick little rant for Current per Robin Sloans request. Come check out the video when I post it to my videoblog on October 7th.

Kyle MacRae

"Why the 6 month exclusivity term?"

True, a daily newspaper either wants a scoop on the day or not at all -- and we're geared up to serve papers on the basis -- but leadtimes for a monthly magazine can be months. We HAVE to be able to guarantee that a photo we license on an exclusive basis remains exclusive until the agreed publication date, which means we have to be the sole agency during that period. I think we'll drop the exclusivity period to three months, in fact, but it's too early to be sure. Perhaps the key point to remember is that we're not dealing with professional or pro-am photographers here, but rather with people who just get lucky with a cameraphone. They don't necessarily understand or care about copyright and licensing terms, nor will they have any great desire to publish photos on a blog or sell them themselves after 72 hours or even 72 years. They just want (and quite rightly so) to make a bit of money when they happen to stumble upon a newsworthy event and take a fantastic pic. Nevertheless, we have a duty to protect their interests. We do this by a) allowing them to retain copyright at all times, and b) striking the best possible deal for their photos. An initial period of exclusive representation is fairer than a copyright grab and the best way that we have come up with yet to guarantee that we can deliver what we promise to media buyers.


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