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Friday, July 08, 2005



Hope you continue with it. It's a great site and resource.

Roger Straw

Hi Ari - got your email and checked out the blog. Good work here. Best of luck in your new work. I think you made a really wise choice leaving - I left them (and you, sorry to say)long ago. Loved the concept, couldn't stand the product.


Thanks, Dan and Roger.

Roger, regarding GetLocalNews, my departure had much more to do with the opportunity I was offered at the Contra Costa Times than anything else. I'm proud of what we built at GetLocalNews and believe it has great potential. I know from our discussions that you were concerned -- understandably so -- about the potshots in the form of anonymous message board comments on your columns. We wrestled with that problem, playing with different forms of message board moderation, continually re-evaluating our system and how it was being used. For better or worse, that's not just a GetLocalNews problem; it's a tremendous challenge facing all sites that enable reader comments. The good news is that because more and more sites now enable reader comments (although some have abandoned them), we can learn from each other's experiences and apply best practices. Clearly, this is an area of online news sites that will continue to evolve for some time.

Mike Orren

Congrats, Ari!


Mazel Tov. I hope you had a good first day at work at the CCT.

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